Moods & Blues: Journey to Paris

Sean Thomas NUSCA Trio

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Moods & Blues: Journey to Paris

On 30 April the eyes of the world will turn to Paris, the city of lights, chosen as the destination for the celebration of the United Nations’ 4th anniversary celebration of International Jazz Day. Trinidad and Tobago will be well represented in this celebration by Sean Thomas, a musician trained in the US in this rich musical tradition (visit for more information).

As in the past, the stellar cast will represent the enlightening and civilising contribution of jazz, America’s classical music. Having lobbied and laboured for Trinidad and Tobago’s recognition in this world forum, Thomas is delighted to have been invited as part of the formal festivities. He will conduct a master class on calypso and jazz at the prestigious Conservatory in the 15th district, followed by a trio performance at Paris’s ChaCha club where he will play the double second pans.

From 2012 to date, under Thomas’s stewardship, the Jazz Alliance of Trinidad and Tobago (JATT) has cooperated with private and public entities to secure the nation’s involvement in this prestigious world celebration which has inspired the annual Trinidad and Tobago Jazz Week in the last week of June.

Trinidad and Tobago Jazz Week is as an enabling vehicle for young and mature performers who are interested in musical innovation and performance. Since its installation in 2012, audiences have been treated to unique collaborations between local and foreign musicians such as saxophonist, Tia Fuller, Canadian bassist, Brandi Disterheft, American pianist, Brianne Forde, Martiniquan guitarist, Eddy Clarion, and flautist, Francine Van Dam, of the Netherlands. Opportunity has also been seized to honour pioneers and developing talents in the persons of Fitzroy Coleman, Ralph Davies, Jessie Ryan and Adriel Vincent Brown.

JATT is pleased to express sincerest thanks its partners in this pioneering cultural venture including NLCB, the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism, The Trinidad Hilton Hotel, The US Embassy, South Africa Embassy, Japan Embassy, ObindoMovement, Ege Onisin Eledumare, The Trinidad Express Newspaper and LiveArt Bistro, the many musicians and music lovers. These are musical seeds which will enable the national community to reap a musical harvest in the future. We thank UNESCO and the Monk Institute for recognizing the significance of these efforts to identify with a civilising movement of this magnitude.