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NUSCA Project



A brief guide to Thomas’s ‘NUSCA’ approach to the music included in the project disc as follows:

  •  “Donna Lee/Nusca” – listen to the audio file to catch the ‘NUSCA’ rhythm beginning on bar 3 ending on bar 4 w/ a 2/4 bar followed by bars 10 – 21 & bars 25-26
  •  “Round Midnight/NUSCA” – hear the ‘NUSCA’ rhythm at the tag which is the up-tempo section to the end of the tune
  •  “Swing Swing Blues” – this piece captures the strength and groove of the ‘NUSCA’ rhythm from beginning to end. (hope you enjoy)
  •  “Crazy In Love” – begins with an introduction flavored with a Herbie Hancock- like line and flows in to ‘NUSCA’ rhythm as a swing with the melody. The bridge is playful and crazy which points to the theme of the piece. The outro ends in 4/4

NUSCA Claves Chart NUSCA Claves1(1)

(Stay tuned for more information on the ‘NUSCA’ CD, CLAVES & CHART launch including ‘NUSCA’s meaning and its influences).